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Migration to a version >= 3.0.0

Releases History

Mvc Controls Toolkit Tutorials

Data Moving Plug-in Tutorials/Videos

Business Layer


Globalization Settings 

Handling Time zones

Validation Settings Important! please read it!

Wrong Format Errors

Which Javascript files to include

Support for jQuery Mobile and other 3d parties Widgets

Dynamic Javascript & Css files  

       Dynamic Javscript Utilities

       Including Other Dynamic Javascript Modules

Controls Optimization


Use of Templates   (Read this, before using templated controls)

Choice and Use of Items Control

CrrossHelper and in-Line Transformations 

Handling subclasses, heterogeneous collections, optional input, and mutually exclusive subclasses


Manipulate the ViewModel on the client side with Client Blocks!

Client Block complete example


Client Templates Caching

Building the page Html on the client side with the client side control flow statements.

Advanced Json Communication and Single-Page applications  


Protect your IQueryable from malicious users with SafeQuery and HttpSafeQuery 

mvcct.Queryable, mvcct.oDataQueryable, mvcct.upshotQueryable, and mvcct.localQueryable 

Easy filtering, paging, and sorting with the retrievalManager class 

Batch processing on the client with the updatesManager class

Javascript utilities: mvcct.utils 

Client-Side Templates 

Template Engines Supported

Bindings Reference

Defining Manually Client-Side ViewModels & Client-Side Bindings  (this  is a lower level API))  

JsonModel and JsonModelFor helpers (this  is a lower level API)

Items  Controls (Templated or Not)

        Server Only

Update/Insert/Delete/ Sortable Templated Datagrid  (Templated)

TreeView (Allows multiple templates)

Insert/Update/Delete Mouse Dragging Sorting List (Allows multiple templates)

Menu and MenuFor (Allows multiple templates)

CheckBox list for selecting items (Templated)

Keywords List: editing a list into a TextBox (Templated)

Client Block Only

ClientBlockRepeater (Allows multiple templates)

DualSelect Box for selecting and ordering items

Enhanced DropDown extensions with <optgroup> and other nice features.

Collections Support Controls

EnableSortingFor Helper for DataGrid sorting and in general for sorting any enumerable or queryable 

Pager to page any enumerable or queryable

Master-Detail Helper Synchronized with the DataGrid

Filtering Data

User chooses among predefined options: DataFilter Helper to specify dynamically filtering criteria 

User builds incrementally his filter: DataFilterClauseFor & FilterClauseSelect 

Layout Manipulation Controls

ViewList and ViewListFor Helpers

ViewsOnOff Helper 

Manipulation Buttons to show/hide/remove dom elements

Simple Controls

DateTimeInput and DateRange attribute



_D helper for display only rendering

Get the right id of an input field with the PrefixedId helper

Timer Helpers 

ColumnName Helpers 

DisplayField Helper 

Html 5 Inputs 

Mutual exclusive CheckBoxes   

GenericInput Helper   

Client Side javaScript functions

Client Side Handling of Simple Server Controls  

Client Side Handling of Items Controls

Validation and Formatting Functions


Action Filters and ViewResults 

Javascript Text Utilities 

IEnumerable Conversion and Transformations chaining

Core Functions: Defining Your Controlls!

Example on how to implement an helper

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frankabbruzzese Feb 18, 2014 at 12:30 AM 
just look at the example TreeView in the BinariesWithSimpleExamples file, and then read the TreeView documentation. If you have any question post it in the discussions area.

ojemuyiwa Dec 17, 2013 at 3:06 PM 
This is a fantastic control. Erm the documentation sadly doesn't make any sense. Its been 2 .5 hours trying to implement treeview on folder structure with No luck.