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Changes in the last release

  • Bug Fixes
    • The detail form when used with IE9 throws an exception-
    • The sortable list, when used with IE9, in some cases fails to apply the alternate rows styles
    • The DateInput fails to show in new items added to Sortable lists, datagrids, and treeviews, when calendar mode is selected (dropdown mode works fine).
    • DataFilterClause doesn't work properly with Nullable<T> types 
    • The AddItem of the sortable list is validated also when it is invisible
    • Server side Validation errors are not shown properly when using the ClientValidationViewResult
    • Bug in the client setting function of the DateTime input
    • Bug in the MVC 2 validation Module of the datagrid rows that throw an exception if there are input fields with emprty id
    • The deleted item template of the datagrid now works again
  • Changes:
    • Now all Items controls: DataGrid, SortableList and TreeView are able to work with a mix of subclasses of the classes declared in the ViewModel.  For each Item the Model Binder creates the right subclass when the View is posted. 
    • Now it is possible to enable each property of the ViewModel to be bound to any subclass of its type by the model binder (the ViewModel property can be also an interface) see here
    • Now in the TreeView each item template can be strongly typed with a different class. Thus, on the client it is possible to create different node types. For security reason now all nodes of a TreeView are required to implemet the Interface ISafeCreation to ensure the model binder that their creation and their subsequent binding are safe operations. The implementation of the interface is a simple declaration, since no method or property needs to be implemented. This avoid that a malicious user might force the model binder to create a "dangerous type" by manipulating the client side definition of the tree. see here
    • Now all server controls are able to work properly when rendered through Ajax, included Datagrid, ViewOnOff, and ViewList. See Parsing for validation new Ajax supplied content for handling validation in Ajax content.
    • Added support for the Globalize globalization library that substituted the jquery-global. see here
    • Improvements in the "undo" handler of the datagrid that nos is able to "undo" input of html5 input fields, and custom server controls, if the server controls implements adequate set/get functions
    • Improvements in the synchronization between the DetailForm and Datagrid that now are able to synchronize also complex datastructures such as lists contained in the rows. see here
    • The MVCControlsToolkit.Controls js library is now available also in separate parts:
      • MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Core-1.2.0.js: core functions.
      • MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Datetime-1.2.0.js: include it just if you use the datetime input.
      • MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Grid-1.2.0.js: include it just if you use the Datagrid.
      • MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Items-1.2.0.js: include it just if you use either the SortableList or the TreeView.
    • Added new options to the ExternalContainer enumeration, that let the user choice the overall container to be used by some controls(for example Sortable List and TreeView). The new options include: tbody, thead, nav, menu.
    • Now the EnableSorting helpers allow a single sorting mode by means of the oneColumnSorting boolean parameter (false  as default). In single ordering mode the selected sorting is defined by just one field. Thus, when the user selects another field, the new fields substitute the previous field instead of being added to the existing sorting to yield "several fields sorting". see here
    • Now Themed Sortable List sortableListFeatures and Themed Datagrid gridFeatures parameters, allow to select immediate post after a sorting change, and the newly introduced one column sorting
    • Now all DateTimeFor overloads allow to specify an emptyDate to be used when the DateTime value supplied through the LambdaExpression is either null(for DateTimeFor?) or DateTime.MinValue(for DateTime
    • Now the RequiredFieldsAttribute has the options to verify also empty IEnumerable through the parameter RejectEmptyIEnumerables. see here

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