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Download  the DataGrid and Pager example BasicTutorialsCode to learn easily how to use them to interact with a database in a practical application, and its updated version based on a Themed Datagrid: Mvc3 Razor Theming Example. It shows also the practical use of the DateTime and how to create dynamic time constraints.  

See the List of all Tutorials here.

Below an ajax enabled  detail window opened. It contains a list whose items can be reordered with the mouse. The number of days is shown in a typed textbox that adds adequate formatting (the day string after the value). Filter to apply are built with the hover menus on the columns. Once a filter is chosen the data inserted by the user are passed to the controller as lambda expressions ready to be used in a LinQ statement. In the grid there is a row in edit-on line mode with a localized DateTimeInput working. 


Below the filter can be chosen with a checkbox, connected with a ViewList. Pls notice the watermark and watermark style applied to the typed textbox used for filtering by name


Below a datagrid row  is updated after the the ajax refresh of its associated detail form, beacuse of the automatic synchronization between Master and Deatail Views. The row propeties changed because of this update(in this case the date) are hilighted. 

The last image shows a row in on-line editing mode, with client validation triggered. 

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