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Manipulation Buttons 

This control needs reference to MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Core-x.x.x.js.

The ManipulationButton helper displays a button, link or image that when clicked is able to show/hide/remove a dom element or to execute a javascript function:


 public static MvcHtmlString ManipulationButton<VM>(
            this HtmlHelper<VM> htmlHelper,
            ManipulationButtonType manipulationButtonType,
            string textOrUrl,
            string targetName,
            string name=null,
            ManipulationButtonStyle manipulationButtonStyle= ManipulationButtonStyle.Button,
            IDictionary<string, object> htmlAttributes=null)


The action type is selected through the ManipulationButtonType enumeration, while the button style is selected through the ManipulationButtonStyle enumeration.

The textOrUrl parameter contains the text to display in the button or link or the Url of the image to display. The name contains the id to give to the button (if not provided a default is used).

Buttons can be styled with the help of the htmlAttributes parameter, as it is usual for helpers.

Finally, the targetName parameter supplies the name of the target dom element or the name of the javascript function to call.

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