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Release 1.5.5
  • Added:
    • Now the DateRangeAttribute accepts complex expressions containing "Now" and "Today" as static minimum and maximum. See here.
    • MenuMenuFor helpers capable of handling a "currently selected element". The developer can choose between using a standard nested menu based on a standard SimpleMenuItem class or specifying an item template based on a custom class. Added also helpers to build the tree structure containing all data items the menu takes infos from. See here.
    • Improved the pager. Now the developer can add also a GoTo button with associated GoTo TextBox to jump to any page. See here.
    • CrossHelper extension to use in a View an HtmlHelper<M> based on a model different from the one the View is strongly typed with. Useful, when one needs to post the View to a controller that uses a different ViewModel. See here.
  • Fixed:
    • Bug in the link-based pager: now the other Route parameters of the link works.
    • TextAlignement of some overloads of the TypedTextBox, and TypedEditDisplay

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