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Release 1.8.0

  • Now a newly added row of the Datagrid disappears immediately without leaving a placeholder row when the user press the undo button, also when it is not the last row of the grid(Modification required by the users).
  • Now it is possible to register functions that initialize 3rd parties controls/widget. The inizialization functions will be automatically called by the toolkit whenever new content is created(items creations or ajax calls). In particular it is possible to register the function that initializes all jQuery Mobile Widgets, to make they work properly in newly created Grid, Treeview, Repeaters, etc. items. See here.
  • Added the JsonModel and JsonModelFor helpers to transfer part of the ViewModel in an Hidden field in json format. If the json is modified then all modifications will be reflected on the server side model on post. json data received are also validated. These two helpers can be used together with all Client Blocks features to turn javascript controls/widgets into Mvc Server Side controls. We will post tutotials on how to implement Mvc Controls with this technique. See here.
  • Fixed a bug in the previous page button of the pager.

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