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ViewsOnOff Helper 

This control needs reference to MVCControlToolkit.Controls.Core-x.x.x.js.

The ViewsOnOff Helper detach and attach  all html elements with a given CSS class from the Dom. The attached/detached state of the elements depends on the checked/unchecked state of a related chechbox. The checkbox is associated with the elements to attach/detach by assigning it a CSS class obtained by postfixing th CSS class assigned to the elements to detach with "_checkbox".

The ViewsOnOff helper has just two arguments, the first one is the CSS class that defines the elements to attach/detach and a boolean tha specifies if the elements are initially attached (true) or detached(false).

When the View is posted the attached/detached state of all elements i stored, and re-used when the View is rendered again. In other terms the ViewsOnOff helper "remember" the attached/detached state of all elements between posts.

An example of use of the ViewsOnOff helper can be found at the end of the section about the DataFilter and DataFilterBuilder helpers.

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