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MVC 3 Default Model Binder

Apr 23, 2011 at 12:58 PM


In the installation notes i saw the following line "Say to MVC to use  MVCControlsToolkit default model binder and providers by adding the line of code below to your Global.asax file:". Correct me if I am wrong. Does this mean that now my mvc application will not use the default model binder of MVC but the model binder of MVC Control toolkit. My current application is using default model binder does this change in model binding will effect my existing application


Apr 23, 2011 at 2:17 PM

No, normal application will continue to work as before, because the MvcControlsToolkit model binder is just an extension of the default binder not a modification, and as a matter of fact it has been implemented by inheriting from the default model binder and adding some "Hooks". In other terms I have added something more without modifying the already existing. Mvc Controls Toolkit is based on the idea of applying reversible transformations to part of the View Model. "Reversible" means that on post the Model Binder applies an inverse transformation. Actually the model binder of Mvc Controls Toolkit just recognize when to apply an inverse transformation, and apply it. The remainimg behavior is identitcal to the one of the default model binder.

Also the metadata provider has been extended to provide more metadata than the usual metadata provider(client side formatting information in addition to the server side formatting information). However all these are just extensions, so the basic behavior is not affected. 

Apr 25, 2011 at 5:33 AM

Thank you very much for your explanation. Could you please tell me the idea about when rtm will be released and One more thing, are you planning to make a nuget package


Apr 26, 2011 at 11:35 AM

The 1.0 beta is ready and within 24-48 hours I will update the dicumentation, and then I will upload the bits. I will take the package in beta fro about 1 month...hoping in some feedback for correcting possible bugs.

However, no further changes are planned after the beta, so you can start using the beta also in actual work environment. I grant immediate patches for all people that will help me by starting using the beta, and reporting bugs. No further changes in the interface are planned so if you start using the beta you will just need to substitute the new dll in your code and recompile it, and possibly substitute some javascript file.

Further extensions will be provided as plug-ins.

In particular some ready to use Themes will be available together with the the rtm.  I have drawn agreements with companies, that will provide them at very cheap prices.

About Nuget package...we will do for sure something to make easier the use starting a new project with the library, however we encourage user to adapt the configuration to their application. In particular it makes no sense to include all javascript files as I have done in my examples....better use just the one you needs.  Anyway probably we will do it... :)