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Business Layer

Data Annotations are grouped in the MVCControlsToolkit.Business dll that is automatically installed with Mvc Controls Toolkit Nuget Package, and that is available  as a separate Nuget package.  This is usefull if the business layer of the application is implemented in a different dll.

The MVCControlsToolkit.Business dll contains all Mvc Controls Toolkit Data Annotations, namely:

Validation Attributes

DateRangeAttribute, DynamicRangeAttribute, MileStoneAttribute, and RequiredFieldsAttribute.

FormatAttribute that controls the localized formatting of all properties(in particular dates and numbers). See here, here, and here for more information.

CanSortAttributes that controls which properties may be queried and which query are allowed. See here for more information.

The MVCControlsToolkit.Business dll contains also the SafeQuery class (but not the HttpSafeQuery class that is a presentation layer stuff) that may be used to protect an IQueryable from unwished queries. 

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