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Changes in the 2.4 Release (The documentation has been updated)

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We reviewed all controls to remove small bugs and to add usefull options. In particular:

  • All utilities of the mvcct.utils javascript namespace now work also without knockout.js. Attention: this means that MvcControlToolkit.Utils-x.x.x.min.js is now a pre-requisite for all client based technologies and for other javascript files. See here for more details. 
  • A Cache class and some other utilities  have been added to the mvcct.utils javascript namespace.
  • More options have been added to the Retrieval Manager, that now is able to cache the results returned by the server and to serialize them in the local (or session) storage (see the the readonly grids of Mvc4 IQueryable example) . All Retrieval Manager methods have been improved to remove small incongruences, and to add more capabilities.
  • The performance of the TreeView has been improved: the TreeView nodes are enhanced with all their cababilities only when their father node are opened. This way the TreeView loading time is decreased of some orders of magnitude.
  • A small bug in the accessibility of the TypedTextBox has been removed (before the tab key had problems in some browsers).
  • A security bug (possible Html Injection attack) has been removed from the _D helper.
  • Client side flow controls statements have been improved with more options.
  • A few more options have been added also to the updateManager class.
  • A bug has been removed from the DataGrid: before, the add row disappeared in some circumstances
  • More options have been added to the Menu helpers.
  • A few other secondary bugs have been removed

New Videos and associated tutorials on the Data Moving Plugin Release Candidate:

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