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Release 1.3.0 SP1 Changes

  • Added
    • Now TypedTextBox and TypedEditDisplay accepts also DateTime and they have also the option to show a completely customizable jQuery calendar
    • Now TypedEdit Display can transform into a DropDown when in edit mode if an optional argument with all selectable items is passed.
    • Added a Dynamic DropDown whose items can be provided via JSON from an action method (useful to implement quickly cascading DropDowns). See here.
    • Now the client side wrong number format error of the client validation system can be customized. Moreover we added the option to turn on also a client side validation of the globalized format of  Date/Time (Mvc 3 only). Also for Date/Time the error message is customizable. See here.
  • Fixed
    • When returning on a page with the browser back button a TypedTextBox showing its watermark go in an erroneus state, interpreting its watermark as an input
    • A bug in the constraints propagation of the DateTimePicker: a recursion check erroneously blocking back-propagation of constrains when reaching a fixed max or min. 
    • The Validator of number format, that was erroneously removed has been substituted with an enhanced version.

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