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Migration to the 3.0.0 Version

  • If your project uses Mvc2 and/or old Microsof Ajax and client validation, it can't be migrated, since all these features are no more supported.
  • Do a backup copy of your project.
  • If the Mvc Controls toolkit was installed as a Nuget package, install the new 3.0.0 version of the Nuget package, otherwise do the following:
    • Substitute the old Mvc Controls Toolkit dll with the appropriate 3.0.0 dll plus the new MVCControlsToolkit.Business.dll.
    • Substitute all olf Mvc Controls toolkit javascript files and css files with the new 3.00 release files.
    • Add the new Mvc Controls Toolkit PlaceJavascriptAttribute  as a global filter.
  • Substitute the old Js anc Css references with the new files. Please notice that some aggregated files like MVCControlToolkit.Controls-x.x.x.min.js are no more supported, since js and css files aggregation may be obtained with the Mvc4 bundling feature, so you have to substitute them with the original aggregated files. Moreover, the name of the TreeView css and Js files changed. See here all details.
  • Search all javascript functions and constants starting with "MvcControlsToolkit_" and replace them with their new mvcct namespace based equivalents. All function arguments remained the same. You may find the old names+the new names here, here, here, here, and here.
  • If your pages contain the definition of global Javascript variables and or function, either substitute each var myname with window.myName, or set the NoWrapper property  of the Mvc Controls Toolkit PlaceJavascriptAttribute global filter to trueIn case javascript problems persist try removing completely the PlaceJavascriptAttribute global filter.

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