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Release 1.4.0
  • Now the use use Client-Side templates is straightforward: you can use them without defining  explicitely  knockout style bindings! See the new RazorClientTemplating file, and the updated documentation here. The Mvc Controls Toolkit computes automatically them for you according to the same name convention used on the Server-Side(match between ViewModel property names and name attribute of input fields), so you can write Client-Side templates exactly in the same way you define Server-Side templates. For instance, you can use a PartialView as a template to match json data on the client side. See also the updated tutorials Low BandWidth Transfers with The Client Side Templates of the Mvc Controls Toolkit and Handling Big Amounts of Data with Client-Side Templates.
  • Now Client Templates and Client Side bindings are able to work also with the DualSelect. Moreover, bindings with select, multiselect and DualSelect works also with floats: they selects the options with the best match with the input floats. See the updated documentation here.
  • Now all Items Controls, namely Datagrid, SortableList, TreeView, and DualSelect, expose a public Javascript interface to perform all their operation, and trigger client side events when new items are created, deleted edited, moved. See the new BinariesWithSimpleExamples file and the updated documentation here.
  • The user can provide a callback to the Dynamic Dropdown. See the new BinariesWithSimpleExamples file.
  • Now the MVCControlsToolkit.Controls.Validation namespace containing the globalization helpers is automatically imported in all pages by the Nuget packages
  • Now client validation is always triggered at the right time (for instance newly created items are not validated immediately, but when appropriate)
  • Now the Reset Row of the Datagrid works in all browsers


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