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Release 1.6.0
  • Added:
    • Now the two boxes of a DualSelect can be filtered by typing some charaters into two search textboxes. The items that best match the few character inserted by the user are moved on the top of the list box. It is enough to insert some chars contained in the word in the right order. For instance one can easily find "New York" by typing just "ny", "nw", "ne" and so on. See the examples included with the binary distribution.
    • Now the CanSortAttribute has the Allow and Deny properties to specify the filtering operation that can be performed on a column. See the new tutorial on Data Filtering.
    • Now the DataFilterBuilder allows the definition of complex query trees with the help of the Open and Close methods that respectively open and close brackets in the expression being built. See the new tutorial on Data Filtering
    • Now the FilterClauseSelect helper that renders a "select" to choose among all available data filtering operations has a new parameter that lists all operations to be shown in the "select"(before, all possible operations were listed) See the new tutorial on Data Filtering
    • Now the Client Side globalization library supports also the "G" date format (short date plus long time). The "G" format is the default .Net format for dates.
    • Now both the TypedTextBox showing a date, and the DateTimeInput allows the specification of the date format to be passed to the jQUery datepicker. The format can be passed either through the ClientFormat property of the FormatAttribute, or extracted automatically from theDataFormat property of the DisplayAttribute, or passed as a property of the CalendarOptions class. Both standard formats such as "d" or "G" and custom formats such as "yyyy/MM/dd" are supported.
    • Added the Target property to the  SimpleMenuItem class to specify the window taget where to open the content of a menu selection.
    • The example CSS of the Menu has been added to the Nuget packages
  • Fixed:
    • A bug that prevented the application of a min constraints to the DateInput if no max were provided and vice versa.
    • Now the FilterClauseSelect can be used as an extension method(added the "this" before the HtmlHelper)
    • A bug in the max of the DynamicRangeAttribute
    • Fixed the example CSS of the Menu that now works on all main browser

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