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Release 1.7.0

  • Improved Client Blocks to take advantage of the new features introduced by the 2.0 release of the knockout library. Namely, we introduced the _foreach, _with, and _if Html extension methods that can be nested to any level to define the page control flow on the client side, anagously to what Razor do on the server side. As in all previous releases both Client Side and Server Side validation are automatically provided in this enhanced Client Blocks, and all bindings are strongly typed and globalized. See the new documentation here, and here, and the nested templates simple example here (RazorOptimizedTemplating project).
  • Improved the Menu helpers: now both the SimpleMenuBuilder and the TreeBuilder classes allow conditional addition of menu items. If the condition provided with the Add satement is not verified the menu item and all its children are not added. See the updated documentationhere.
  • Now the developer can choose if an instance of the TypedEditDisplay move from/to the edit state to/from the display state automatically and/or manually with the help of javascript functions. Added also a an EditDisplayToggle button to  toggle all TypedEditDisplay of a container between their Edit/Display states. The EditDisplayToggle is useful in implementing in-line edit grids. See the updated documentation here and the example included in the BinariesWithSimpleExamples file. 
  • Range and InputNumber Html5 helpers whose min/max are automatically extracted by the validation attributes. Other Htm5 inputs are easily achieved by simply supplying  the right type attribute to a standard TextBox helper. See the updated documentation here.
  • Improved the performance of the DateTimeInput: now just the selected item of each dropdown is rendered, all others are created by javascript on the client side. This way we may save a lot of bandwidth(when the controls is rendered several time in a grid) without renouncing to visibility to the search engines.

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